Tisha’s Roti Puri


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1.      Roti Puri

  • Ingredients

Tepung Gandum, Minyak Superolein Gula dan Garam Wheat Flour, Superolein Palm Oil, Sugar and Salt

  • Cooking Method
  1. Defrost Poori for 2 minutes – 3 minutes 2. Deep fry Poori with heated oil.
  2. Pour heated Poori oil to an un-puffed area until it puffs up.
  3. Only flip one for each side of the bread to avoid excessive oil absorption.
  4. Turn over the Poori when it already puffs up and lift it when it turns golden on both surfaces.
  5. Serve while it’s hot.

Weight: 520g

Pieces per Pack: 8 Pieces


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